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Getting Underway on St. Charles Log Home

Talk about an extraordinary view! We are excited to be underway on this 6,100 square foot home going up in St. Charles. This 3-story walk-out overlooks the Katy Trail and Missouri Bottoms, including the Chesterfield Valley. The view is not the only unique thing about this home, as the exterior walls will be built with Cypress logs coming all the way from Florida.

New Facebook Page

Please visit our new Facebook page at

On this page we will be offering specials as well as keeping the page up to date with pictures from current projects as they move along. In addition, at the conclusion of a project, we will show before and after pictures as well as the home owner’s review of their experience using KTSB.

If you know family or friends interested in building or remodeling, share this page with them. We reward recommendations as they are a key part to our success. Check out the photo albums to see some of our past new homes and remodels. Click on the blue “Watch Video” link toward the top of the home page to hear straight from a homeowner on their time working with KTSB.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Home Remodeling Blogs

Check out one of the new home remodeling blogs that published on Huffington Post’s website on January 5, 2015.

Home remodeling blogs have been written by Jason Alderman, Vice President of Visa, Inc. and focuses on doing your homework before taking on a home remodeling project, and questions to ask to maximize the investment potential in your home.

Let us know what you think!

Great timing

In today’s wild economic climate, I have several clients continuing to move forward with custom home plans; however, I have even more moving forward with large-scale remodels and renovations. Actually, it’s a great time to build or remodel because there is abundant labor pool available, property values are reduced, and the potential to achieve a greater return on your investment is much higher. Many of my clients surmise that building now means more for less and greater returns later-while others, who have decided to stay put and make the changes to their homes they’ve always wanted to make-feel their investment will pay off down the road in terms of resale value.