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St Louis Home Remodeling

As homeowners ourselves, we understand how important your home is to you and your family. Our home is a lot more than just shelter; it’s our personal refuge, a place to gather, celebrate, unwind, and so much more.

Additions, Remodeling, and More

Addition imageWhether you are thinking about remodeling a room, putting on an addition, a pool, or finishing the basement, we have a lot of experience in remodeling. We have been at the heart of St Louis home remodeling for a long time, and have a roster of clients who are happy to share “our” story with you. We put our signature on everything we build.

Service is More Than a Pretty Word

In the competitive world of custom homes and general contracting, we don’t use the term, “service” lightly. Sure, our customers demand great service, but we’re consumers, too. We know what good service represents: respect for the client, and respect for the work being completed. Great quality without impeccable service does not make sense if you are at all concerned with longevity, reputation, and building an esteemed brand…which, we are. We put our signature on every relationship.

Hearth RoomsPlease let us know what you are thinking regarding remodeling your home. We have a lot of experience, and we can help you ask the “right” questions when it comes to making a substantial investment in your home:

  • How long do you plan on staying in your home after the remodeling?
  • How are the neighborhood and area home values?
  • Will a remodeling affect property taxes and future home buyers?
  • How might a remodeling project affect your home value and resale value?

Give us a call at (636) 928-6262, or email , and we can set-up a time to meet with you at your earliest convenience. And don’t forget to review our portfolios on this website, and our profile page on Houzz – a great resource for remodeling information and ideas.